Essential Oils on the Go

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I started using essential oils about seven years ago, when my anxiety was out of control and I would try just about anything to calm my frazzled nerves. Lavender essential oil became my BFF that year: I kept a bottle in my handbag, mixed it into sweet almond oil as a body moisturizer, added it to hot baths, and basically dipped myself in it daily.

Later, when I experimented with making some of my own cosmetics (see: homemade deodorant) my collection of essential oils grew and they became a fixture in my beauty routine. I use them to make gentle oil cleansers and serums, keep my nails healthy, and blend custom fragrances. (More on all that later!)

It wasn’t until recently that I considered carrying a “tool kit” of essential oils on the go for aromatherapy remedies.

Last Valentine’s Day, I woke up with all the stress migraine warning signs on our biggest delivery day. I dragged myself into the flower shop with my sunglasses on, feeling anxious, achy, and miserable. My mother-in-law gave me a cocktail of essential oils to apply to my temples and forehead, and within 30 minutes I relaxed enough to forget about my headache and power through the day.

Now I keep these multi-tasking essential oils in my work bag:

Lavender – Lavender was reportedly used in ancient times to tame lions and tigers, so imagine what it can do for your moderate stress. Also helps relieve headaches and sore muscles.

Peppermint – Soothes motion sickness and nausea, reduces headaches, eases sinus pain and congestion, boosts energy and alertness, and wards off stress and anxiety.

Lemon – A refreshing mood-lifter and energizer.

Eucalyptus – A lifesaver for sinus pressure and congestion.

I use them alone or blended together, and typically use just a drop or two — either warmed in my hands and breathed deeply or applied to my temples. If I need extra ‘oomph’ I mix them with sweet almond oil (stored in a small glass bottle with a tight lid so I don’t have an oil spill in my handbag) and rub them into my chest and/or the back of my neck for tension, or directly onto tired sore muscles.

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#OOTD: Pullover

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Wearing: Victoria’s Secret Pullover (SIMILAR on SALE), AE Hi-Rise Jeggings ($49.95) & Lauren Merkin Leather Tote (SIMILAR under $200)

On Monday, comfort is king. So you can throw on a pullover that may technically qualify as loungewear with your soft skinny jeggings and a pair of ballet flats and roll out.

Helpful Links for Girls With Bobs

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I’m having lots of fun playing with my shorter ‘do. I hesitated chopping my hair for so long — even when I really wanted to — because I worried it would be too hard to style and manage. But it’s so easy!

Fortunately for my lazy hair skills, the modern bob is all about messy undone texture. My daily styling routine is basically the same as my lob days, but with less hair (which means less time!). My favorite styling product right now is Joico Hair Shake, a texturizing spray with a liquid-to-powder formula that boosts volume and creates cool piecey texture with soft, flexible hold. If I don’t have time to curl or flat-iron, I work a little Dirt Texturizing Paste into the ends so they aren’t frizzy.

If you’re considering a chop, or you’ve already joined the club, here’s a handful of helpful links full of styling inspiration and helpful tutorials:

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