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sleeping on the job

A Pretty Penny - Keira & Doak
{ working the beer tent with my right-paw man at Bark in the Park on Saturday }

Over the weekend, C and I crossed another Small Business Owner Rite of Passage  off the list: power napping at the shop between appointments.

Saturday was a blur. We got to the shop bright and early, and I handled the twenty-or-so prom corsage pick ups and a wedding consult while C delivered arrangements for two big parties across town. When the last corsage left the building — all the teenagers were on time, sweet babies — we packed the van and headed out of the county to deliver a small wedding order.

One of my favorite things about our job is discovering charming new-to-us venues for weddings and events. This time it was GiGi’s Country Garden in Plant City. I wish I’d taken photos, but we were both starving and on a super tight schedule. Also I’m terrible at taking photos of important things like cute wedding venues and my wedding designs. Oops. I did manage to Instagram a photo of the bride’s bouquet!

{And now my Aunt Cindy, loyal APP reader, is going to get me for being in her neck of the woods and not stopping by to visit…}

When a florist is in Plant City, she must stop and visit Southern Hospitality, no matter how rushed she may be, or how much her hungry husband isn’t feeling it.  It’s the mothership of ribbon, containers and accessories, and cannot be avoided.

I sprinted in for some much-needed supplies as C wearily followed behind. He refused my suggestion to pop a squat in the cozy bench swing out front, probably assuming his lingering presence would make me move faster. Safe assumption. I filled two giant bags in under 10 minutes, which I think is some kind of record that deserves recognition and chocolate.

Two Mo’s burritos as big as our heads and a 40 minute drive later, we found ourselves back at HQ with an hour to spare before we were expected in the park to volunteer for an event. I looked at C, pointed to the tiny floral loveseat that used to belong to my grandmother but now resides in the front of the flower shop, and said, “You take the couch; throw me a cushion.” He curled up — basically in the fetal position, because seriously, that couch is tiny — and I found a nearby spot on the floor a safe distance from the front windows so passerby wouldn’t peek in and think I was unconscious (or worse).

Doak curled up beside me, and the three of us passed out cold for 30 minutes.

With newly-recharged batteries, we all made our way to the park a few blocks from the shop for Bark in the Park, a fun festival for four-legged friends and their owners. C and I had the 4-6 shift at the beer tent. It’s a tough job pouring beer, but someone’s gotta do it. ;) Our friend, Lauren, came down to hang with us while C manned the kegs and Doak charmed the pants off everyone. It was a great afternoon!

Later that evening, C and I were rehashing the day over a (super late) takeout dinner, and both agreed that the power nap really saved the day. Now I’m trying to figure out a way to work one into my regular schedule.

And shopping for a bigger couch.

Sunday Best

A Pretty Penny | Sunday Best
{ LOFT sweater; Joe’s jeans cut into shorts; Cynthia Vincent snakeskin flats; Lauren Merkin bag }

Last Sunday, the spring cleaning bug bit C; he came home from the gym with my father-in-law’s pressure washer and big plans to clean the exterior of the house. While he busied himself blasting the mildew from our stucco, I threw on my old Sunday standbys headed out for some errands and shopping.

My spring weekend uniform is typically some simple variation of this: cut-offs (I made these from a pair of extra-long Joe’s I found at the Goodwill for a 10-spot) with flats, a comfy top, and a hat. For now, I’m wearing my cozy sweaters as much as I can, until the summer heat makes it impossible.

When I made my way back to our freshly washed house that afternoon, I threw a big salad together with chicken, bleu cheese and fresh Florida strawberries. Later, I swapped the sweater for a t-shirt and spent some quiet time poolside to soak up the extra hour of sunshine.

Since Sunday is our only full day off during the week, we always try to make the most of it; a successful one is equally productive and lazy with lots of good food and a good dose of quality time together.

Last weekend we nailed it.

beach bums

More {okay, lots more} snaps from our weekend getaway to Siesta Key…

{A “His and Hers” Saturday afternoon in the sand: He played a couple games of beach volleyball (his favorite sport).  She sat in the shade and caught up on the latest issue of InStyle.}
{Later we drove down the shore to Turtle Beach for a romantic al fresco dinner on the bay at our favorite local seafood spot}


IMG_4193 IMG_4192

{Sunday morning we headed down to Siesta Key Village for breakfast at Sun Garden. If you ever find yourself in SKB, eat here and order the sweet potato pancakes!}


IMG_4208 IMG_4209





{We took a little stroll after breakfast. I’ll follow that cute backside anywhere… ;-)}
{… Our walk led us to a beautiful section of secluded beach that we hadn’t found before!}
{how many flowers do we need to sell to make this our backyard?}
{Peepin’ beach rentals for a possible future couples’ trip… hear that Lo, P, Meg & LB?}


{There were lots of rose petals strewn in the sand. We decided someone got engaged there the night before. Or knew the florists were coming to town.}

IMG_4336 IMG_4365

{can’t wait for our next trip, lovey!}