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Sunday Best

A Pretty Penny | Sunday Best
{ LOFT sweater; Joe’s jeans cut into shorts; Cynthia Vincent snakeskin flats; Lauren Merkin bag }

Last Sunday, the spring cleaning bug bit C; he came home from the gym with my father-in-law’s pressure washer and big plans to clean the exterior of the house. While he busied himself blasting the mildew from our stucco, I threw on my old Sunday standbys headed out for some errands and shopping.

My spring weekend uniform is typically some simple variation of this: cut-offs (I made these from a pair of extra-long Joe’s I found at the Goodwill for a 10-spot) with flats, a comfy top, and a hat. For now, I’m wearing my cozy sweaters as much as I can, until the summer heat makes it impossible.

When I made my way back to our freshly washed house that afternoon, I threw a big salad together with chicken, bleu cheese and fresh Florida strawberries. Later, I swapped the sweater for a t-shirt and spent some quiet time poolside to soak up the extra hour of sunshine.

Since Sunday is our only full day off during the week, we always try to make the most of it; a successful one is equally productive and lazy with lots of good food and a good dose of quality time together.

Last weekend we nailed it.

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beach bums

More {okay, lots more} snaps from our weekend getaway to Siesta Key…

{A “His and Hers” Saturday afternoon in the sand: He played a couple games of beach volleyball (his favorite sport).  She sat in the shade and caught up on the latest issue of InStyle.}
{Later we drove down the shore to Turtle Beach for a romantic al fresco dinner on the bay at our favorite local seafood spot}


IMG_4193 IMG_4192

{Sunday morning we headed down to Siesta Key Village for breakfast at Sun Garden. If you ever find yourself in SKB, eat here and order the sweet potato pancakes!}


IMG_4208 IMG_4209





{We took a little stroll after breakfast. I’ll follow that cute backside anywhere… ;-)}
{… Our walk led us to a beautiful section of secluded beach that we hadn’t found before!}
{how many flowers do we need to sell to make this our backyard?}
{Peepin’ beach rentals for a possible future couples’ trip… hear that Lo, P, Meg & LB?}


{There were lots of rose petals strewn in the sand. We decided someone got engaged there the night before. Or knew the florists were coming to town.}

IMG_4336 IMG_4365

{can’t wait for our next trip, lovey!}

take me back…

IMG_4231 IMG_4232


{ dress: The Webster for Target; striped floppy hat: D&Y; sandals: Sam Edelman via Hautelook; backpack: Vera Bradley (purchased in college) }

IMG_4269 IMG_4271

Last Saturday, C and I packed a little suitcase and snuck away after work for a mini-break at our favorite spot on the Gulf coast. It’s really kind of ridiculous that we live smack in the middle of two beautiful coastlines, and never make it to the beach…

We’ve got the whole “work hard” thing down, and now we just need to make more time for some play {all part of that elusive balance we’re always striving for}. So while we were there, we made a deal to squeeze in a road trip at least once every couple of months to soak up the sunshine and recharge our batteries. It’s easier to drag yourself away when you know you’ll be returning soon.

weekend update: today we are thankful.

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It started out as a rainy weekend. Typical for Florida, and nothing to be worried about. At first.

We worked for a few hours at the shop Saturday morning, then I spent the afternoon drinking wine on my couch and watching an all-day marathon of Gossip Girl on Netflix. In the name of research. Those Upper-East-Siders have incredible floral arrangements!

On Sunday morning we woke up to more rain, but bare cupboards necessitated a soggy trip to the grocery store to restock; including picking up supplies for Jen’s S’mores. I dominated Publix with coupons and a well-planned shopping list and saved $80, but came home completely soaked to the skin. Later, we snuggled up to watch I Love Lucy and took a lovely mid-rain siesta before heading to our friends Zane and Lauren’s house for dinner. Lauren’s part of a community visioning initiative for our hometown, so we helped her with a brainstorming sesh over drinks and snacks. After dinner, we moved the party to the living room, where we watched TV while devouring my friend Lisa’s amazing gluten-free chocolate cookies — a recipe I’ll be sure to share later — and those s’mores. The news kept breaking in with severe weather alerts for the Gulf coast from Tropical Storm Debby, including dangerous driving conditions and tornado warnings. We didn’t pay much attention because it all seemed so far away, until Chad’s phone started blowing up with text messages from concerned friends and family who heard a tornado was spotted in our neighborhood.

Let me break here and say, we Floridians ain’t skeered of a little bad weather. We’re accustomed to tropical storms, and even hold our own through major hurricanes. Most of us have a stash of emergency supplies in case we lose power for a day (or five, like the days of Charlie and Francis in 2005) and hurricane parties are kind of fun. But tornados are a whole different ball game. They’re unpredictable, random, incredibly destructive, and utterly terrifying.

Along with those text messages, we received this photo, taken by a nearby neighbor:

{photo taken from, one of several tornados that hit our community last night}

Of our small group, more than half of us live within in a five-mile radius of each other on this same lake. Our parents live there, too. After about an hour of letting the storm calm, we — probably against our better judgement — hopped in our cars and headed home to assess the damage. The storm knocked out power all across town, and driving home in total blackness didn’t help ease the anxiety of what may be waiting for us at our house. We passed firetrucks, dozens of police, and service trucks from the electric company, all trying to assess the damage in pitch darkness and relentless rain. When we passed the gates of our neighborhood, we relaxed a little when we realized there wasn’t any large debris or damaged property. Our home was completely unscathed, but powerless. Praise God. We lit some candles, called all of our family and friends to make sure everyone was safe, and didn’t open the refrigerator in an effort to save all those groceries I’d just bought.

I couldn’t reach my parents. They live in the area that was reported to have received the most damage. Those hours of not knowing if they were safe were terrible. I finally reached my step-dad early this morning, and they weathered the storm even better than we did; the only thing they lost was cable! Our power didn’t return until 6:30am.

This morning, my facebook news feed was full of updates on the storm. Some people lost their homes. A few people even lost their lives. I’ve hugged my husband twenty times and sent up prayers of gratitude for making it through unharmed. Our home, our business, and everyone that matters to us is safe and sound.

But this isn’t a great start to our storm season…