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monday mood board | 02

This week: Love! Romance! Pink + Red.

red + pink stilettos | gradient | red + pink bicycle | hot pink cardigan | Gary Pepper Girl pink dress | Lavin color block wedges | Chanel no. 5 | pink and gold print | pink and red lips | roses | red sweater | neon love | Butter London Valentine’s manicure | red lips + cat eye | red Celine handbag | pink pumps | red + coral outfits

monday mood board | 01

This week: marigold and sunshiney yellow for an extra boost of energy.

I need it. It’s the week before Valentine’s Day, which means it’s officially go-time. We’re getting organized, prepping what we can, and trying to wrap our heads around the fact that it’s next Friday. Wasn’t Christmas just last week?

Emerson Fry sheath dress and trench coat; b/w polka dots; look at the bright side print; marigold floral arrangements; Society 6 marigold ikat; watercolor; citrus and ice cream; marigold jacket and skinnies; floral pantsYves Klein, Monochrome jaune sans titre (M 8), 1957; marigold pants; cross body bag


the bright side


Last week was a doozy. We were unpleasantly surprised by a few unexpected expenses, our landlords put the shop’s building up for sale, our delivery van is in all kinds of disrepair, and the shop is slower than we’d like because, ugh, summer. There’s more, but, you catch the drift.


Chad and I keep reminding ourselves to look on the bright side: The van conveniently wheezed it’s final breath in the parking lot of the shop, instead of leaving one of us stranded mid-delivery; and we have a great and fair mechanic that will get us back on the road in no time without having to sell a kidney. In the meantime, a busted van means family carpools to and from work and all of us getting home at a decent hour. Which leads to afternoon walks for Doak, catching up on the laundry and DVR, and home cooked meals before 9:00pm.

A lot of things are happening that are beyond our control, but we can control the way we deal with them. I’m dealing with cocktails, hot baths, and lots of prayer that everything will work out exactly the way it’s supposed to. Open hands.



Target top | Duro Olowu for jcpenney skirt | TKEES Foundations flip flops | Nine West hat

sack dress, take 2.


See: sack dress, take 1.

I think I tried on six different belts with this dress today. It was a three little bears style dilemma. Some were too wide, some were too casual, none were “just right.” Frustrated, and belts strewn errywhere, I settled on the old “scarf-around-the-waist” move. I checked Pinterest, and Olivia Palermo’s done it, so it must be acceptable.



MNG by Mango dress | Adrienne Vittadini scarf | TKEES Foundations flip flops | Romeo & Juliet Couture bag (via Hautelook)

happy medium


Duro Ulowu for jcpenney skirt (found in-store for 50% off!) | LOFT tee | Nine West sandals | Romeo & Juliet Couture tote via Hautelook | Tom Ford sunglasses

In my fashion fantasies, I have a closet full of delicate floral dresses and swishy skirts — a well-curated assortment of current designers and priceless vintage, dontcha’ know — and I sashay around my flower shop in them every day with Louboutins and pearls.

In real life, flower shops are messy and hard on clothes; and most days I can barely pull off a low wedge, much less sky-high stilettos.

A bold floral skirt paired with a t-shirt is how I compromise.

sack dress save




All the donuts and fast food of Mother’s Day week caught up with me, and come Monday zipping my jeans was a bit of a problem. Big boxy shift dress to the rescue! Oh, 20-year-old metabolism, why have you left me?!


Wearing: MNG by Mango Single-Pleat Shift Dress (jcpenney clearance, $20); Duro Olowu Tapestry Tote (found in-store for 50% off!); Nine West sandals

back in action


{eShakti dress; Elle denim jacket (love this classic Gap style!); Tom Ford sunnies; Daniel Wellington watch}



I took an unintended “spring break” from the blog last week.

While I was out, I:

– Ate my weight in Peeps and jelly beans, originally purchased to make lots of cute Pinterest-inspired Easter arrangements like this one.

– Caught up on all the shows in my DVR; including several episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project that made me want to lock myself in the bathroom and cut bangs into my hair with manicure scissors. I promised my stylist I would never do that [again].

– Received a big shipment of gorgeous pink peonies at the shop, and fought the urge to bring them all home for myself. 

– Gave my growing laundry piles the side-eye, and wore the same polka dot skinnies so many times I had to watch my back for the fashion police.

– Developed an addiction to chocolate banana protein shakes.

– Celebrated a lovely Easter with family, complete with some of our adorable nieces and nephews, a neighborhood egg hunt, a funfetti cake trimmed in (more!!) Peeps, and traditional holiday Jell-O shots for the grown-ups. 

A special thanks to our friend and downtown neighbor, Mike, of Potthast Studios for snapping these shots on the fly this afternoon! 

late adopter: neon skinnies




Okay, so I’m a little late to the neon party. In my marketing 101 classes, they called consumers like me late adopters. Simply put: we’re not exactly the first in line to buy the next big thing. Case in point: I didn’t have an iPad until about two weeks ago, when my hip (and somehow surpassing me in technology lately?) parents surprised me with one and brought me into the 21st century.

In the case of florescent apparel, I figure I met my lifetime quota of day-glo outfits by around 1996. Once again, it took an act of major clearance to get me to jump on the trend train.

Last weekend, I was on the prowl for swimsuits for a special girl’s trip next month. {Sidebar: swimsuit shopping is just the worst kind of torture.} My hunting led me to Marshall’s, Target, and later to Kohl’s, where I’m powerless against the pull of the seductive 70% off racks. I found these soft stretch ankle skinnies in bright lime green and soft baby blue for $14.50 each and scooped up both pair.

Wearing: LOFT tee, Simply Vera Vera Wang ankle skinnies, vintage necklace (m.marie), Seychelles gold Vulture pump and Romeo & Juliet Couture bag (both via Hautelook

getting back in the swing…

polka dot scarf


denim on denim


The dust is beginning to settle from the busy holiday, and I think I’ve finally swept up the last of the glitter that seems to form a fine layer over every surface of the flower shop from December through the new year. Now if I could just get it out of my hair…

As much as I love the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the new year, I’m looking forward to getting back to a semi-normal schedule. Until Valentine’s Day.

thrifted denim shirt; DL1961 jeans; Romeo & Juliet Couture pleather jacket (Hautelook); gifted polka dot scarf (thanks, Mom!); Nine West clutch; Seychelles leather loafers (Hautelook)


prints charming

Print Blouse with Green Clutch

{Millenium blouse — Beall’s Outlet; Nine West clutch; necklace c/o INPINK}

My Official Blog Photographer ran off and left me this afternoon; something about running flower deliveries or changing the oil in the delivery van… In the interest of keeping our customers happy and our engine from exploding, we’ll grant him a pass.  

So before I jet off for a relaxing evening of dinner, drinks and girl talk with my favorite, Anne, I give you a headless camera-propped-precariously-on-a-box-atop-the-design-counter selfie to share this cute printed tunic I scooped up at a local outlet store for about $10 a few months ago. You’ll just have to imagine the rest: my Lucky Brand jeans tucked into the Bucco riding boots I’ve been wearing nonstop since they arrived in the mail from Hautelook, and a little beanie on my head to help disguise my fell-asleep-with-my-hair-wet bedhead. That just about covers it!

you’ll never believe where I bought these pants.

LEI skinny jeans


Billabong graphic tote

Bucco riding boots

Remember the polka-dot skinnies I made with Anne a while ago? When we went to Wally World to find cheap black jeans I could paint all over without fear or regret, we also found a display full of L.E.I. knit pants in an assortment of really great colors for — ready for it? — $13.00 a pair. They call them “jeans,” but there’s really nothing jean-like about them; they’re more of a thin stretch twill that fit like a jegging. I worried a little that the color would wash out in the first spin cycle, but they’re impressively colorfast! And super comfy. I wear them more than I ever expected I would, so my cost-per-wear is probably somewhere around a buck by now and these babies still have a lot of mileage left. Thirteen bucks well spent.

Does anyone else remember rocking L.E.I.’s through middle school? Is it weird that I felt a little nostalgic standing under the bad super-center-florescent-lighting, holding up a pair and remembering all the ways I wore my super flares back in the day? Which my mom paid way more than $13 for, as I recall. I imagine this is how kids of the 80’s felt when Walmart started selling O.P.

Sidebar: A special thanks to all you little magic healers for your great home-remedy advice on recuperating from a cold last Monday! I walked through the grocery store on Tuesday with my phone in one hand and a tissue in the other, reading through your suggestions and tossing nearly every one of them into my basket. I’m happy to report that with your help, I’m on the mend and almost back to 100%. My immune system — and my husband and staff who had deal with me through aches and pains and fever-induced mood swings — thank you!



{ jersey aubergine dress: Nine West (Marshall’s, 2008-ish); snakeskin skinny belt: NY&Co; ballet flats: LC Lauren Conrad (Kohl’s clearance); laptop sleeve: Kate Landry (Dillard’s clearance, $20) }



And so begins the slow transition from summer to autumn….

Earlier this week, I threw on a t-shirt and skinnies and wrapped my neck in a lightweight scarf {ya’ll know I love a scarf} but quickly realized that, no matter how lightweight that scarf may seem while standing in central air conditioning, it was a heat stroke waiting to happen. So I begrudgingly took it off, rolled it up carefully, and placed it back in its basket with all the others with a longing whisper: “soon, friends.

While I’m waiting for Florida to get the memo that fall is here, I’m putting away the pastel florals and pulling out the darker palettes and textures. Aubergine is one of my favorites this time of year. And how cute is this laptop sleeve, discovered at the bottom of a clearance bin at Dillard’s recently? It sums up all the colors I want to wear this season in one pretty (and protective) package!

Now, pass me a pumpkin latte, please! If I can’t dress like it’s fall, I can at least drink like it.

take me back…

IMG_4231 IMG_4232



{ dress: The Webster for Target; striped floppy hat: D&Y; sandals: Sam Edelman via Hautelook; backpack: Vera Bradley (purchased in college) }

IMG_4269 IMG_4271

Last Saturday, C and I packed a little suitcase and snuck away after work for a mini-break at our favorite spot on the Gulf coast. It’s really kind of ridiculous that we live smack in the middle of two beautiful coastlines, and never make it to the beach…

We’ve got the whole “work hard” thing down, and now we just need to make more time for some play {all part of that elusive balance we’re always striving for}. So while we were there, we made a deal to squeeze in a road trip at least once every couple of months to soak up the sunshine and recharge our batteries. It’s easier to drag yourself away when you know you’ll be returning soon.