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Sunday Best

A Pretty Penny | Sunday Best
{ LOFT sweater; Joe’s jeans cut into shorts; Cynthia Vincent snakeskin flats; Lauren Merkin bag }

Last Sunday, the spring cleaning bug bit C; he came home from the gym with my father-in-law’s pressure washer and big plans to clean the exterior of the house. While he busied himself blasting the mildew from our stucco, I threw on my old Sunday standbys headed out for some errands and shopping.

My spring weekend uniform is typically some simple variation of this: cut-offs (I made these from a pair of extra-long Joe’s I found at the Goodwill for a 10-spot) with flats, a comfy top, and a hat. For now, I’m wearing my cozy sweaters as much as I can, until the summer heat makes it impossible.

When I made my way back to our freshly washed house that afternoon, I threw a big salad together with chicken, bleu cheese and fresh Florida strawberries. Later, I swapped the sweater for a t-shirt and spent some quiet time poolside to soak up the extra hour of sunshine.

Since Sunday is our only full day off during the week, we always try to make the most of it; a successful one is equally productive and lazy with lots of good food and a good dose of quality time together.

Last weekend we nailed it.

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Happiness is: a big ol’ pom-pom sweater and leggings.

I snapped this photo on my way to the shop early Saturday morning. When I have to schlep my haggard behind to work on weekends, I like to throw on easy outfits that can transition to cozy nap-wear without a hitch.

Speaking of naps, I’d like about a dozen of them.

I’m feeling the burnout hard this week. Things are slowing down to a normal pace after a demanding February, but after spending the last month in productivity high gear, I’m having a difficult time down-shifting. I just want to sputter out and stall. In my sweatpants. With a pint (or three) of gelato and a Netflix marathon.

Hurry, weekend!


leggings are not pants. but gosh, they are comfortable.





Today, in lessons of thou shall never say never:

Once upon a time — when my closet was filled with pencil skirts, Express Editors, stilettos and all other manner of 9 to 5 attire — I put my nose in the air and proclaimed, “I will never wear leggings out of the house!” I relegated them to loungewear and workout gear; which means I mostly just wore them while lounging because I don’t work out enough to need gear.

Cut to present, and I can’t think of anything I’d rather pull on for a crazy day of running around the flower shop than some soft stretchy leggings, a long [read: bum-covering] tunic or sweater, and flats. If 23-year old corporate Keira could see me now, she’d shake her head in shame.

However, I’m still adamant that I will never leave the house wearing leggings as pants. See: Am I Wearing Pants?

Wearing: LC Lauren Conrad top; Simply Vera Vera Wang denim leggings; Op floral cami (Wal-Mart), Bucco boots and Romeo & Juliet Couture handbag (both via Hautelook)

weekend wear

{ Mossimo sweater (Target clearance, $11); Gap “Always Skinny” jeans; Amrita Singh handbag (Hautelook, $29); Goorin Bros fedora (m.marie); Candies leopard slippers (Kohl’s clearance, $9.99) }

We had an absolutely lovely weekend filled with cool weather, football, warm and hearty home cooked meals, and just the right amount of laziness. I only bothered getting dressed on Saturday — for work in the morning followed by a local college tailgate party later in the afternoon. There just so happened to be a Pioneer Days festival across the street from the stadium, and I spied a “Handmade Chocolate!” sign so we moseyed on over to check things out.


IMG_6179 IMG_6187

Did I ever tell you Chad grew up on a cattle farm in Canada? A man of many hats, that guy; and he knows his farming equipment. After a quick lesson on the anatomy of a tractor, all the attachment possibilities, and who makes the best ones, I tried to convince him to buy one for me. Because the possibilities for a suburban girl with a tractor are endless, amiright? Get a big basket for the front to carry all my necessities [read: gallons of iced tea, sunscreen, smutty fiction novels and fashion magazines] and then: Drive it to the community pool! Drive it around the neighborhood while Doak trots alongside! Drive it to work! Okay, now we’re stretching…

But I found one that was just my size! And then offered to drive it home (it’s just 15 miles or so with a long stretch of busy highway, but I had it covered, ya’ll.) The mister wasn’t buying what I was selling, so I went home tractorless; but we did pass a gentleman riding his through town on our way home.


On a serious note, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the northeast facing Sandy. I almost feel guilty enjoying all of this lovely weather when I know the nightmare many of you are facing today. We’ve experienced our fair share of scary hurricanes living in Florida, but looking at the radar of this storm is almost unbelievable. I hope you’re all prepared (as prepared as can be, anyway) and that you’ll weather the storm safely with your loved ones.