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dirty little secret




See that cute little scarf trick I did there? It’s hiding my hasn’t-been-washed-in-9-days hair. Are you judging? Hang on, lemme explain…

First, I should probably tell you that I’m totally skeeved out by all of the crazy chemicals found in cosmetics and body care products; things like formaldehyde, lead, and mercury, oh my!! While I’ve always tried to be conscientious about the things I eat, I never paid much attention to what I slathered on my skin. That is, until my mom-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2008. During her treatment, she spent a lot of time researching the possible links between these chemicals and our health, and some of the facts are pretty scary. Since then, I’ve done my best to stock our medicine cabinet and shower caddy with all-natural and organic products, including aluminum-free deodorant, handmade goats milk soaps from a local farm, and olive oil moisturizers, to name a few.

But hair is tricky! I’ve yet to find a line of {affordable} natural haircare products that keep my thick hair shiny and manageable, so I try to compensate by only lathering up every 7-10 days. And it turns out shampooing less has made my hair and scalp so much healthier. I get through the week with dry shampoo; but by day 7, hats and scarves are a girl’s best friend.

Does anyone remember the big “no-poo” craze that went around a few years ago? Girls were forgoing shampoo for up to 8 weeks at a time, and claiming it gave them magical unicorn tresses. My girlfriends and I were fascinated — but too chicken to try it out. What’s the longest you’ve gone without sudsing up?

And natural haircare recommendations welcome!

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IMG_8178Last Saturday, I skipped out of the shop at noon on the dot. It was a beautiful afternoon, my schedule was clear, and I was on a mission: to make it to the Lakeland Farmers Curb Market before it ended at 2:00, get my hands on some beignets from The Poor Porker, do a little thrifting {which I haven’t done in ages}, and stop in Marshall’s to find a few inexpensive dresses for work because by March it will be too hot to wear anything else.

You guys, it was just the loveliest. An entire day to myself: puttering around town on a powdered sugar high, taking my sweet time picking through every pair of designer jeans at the Goodwill, taking mental notes of cute outfits — you Lakeland girls have some serious style! — and walking up and down each aisle at Hobby Lobby in search of studs for my denim jacket (sadly, no dice). I shopped ’til I dropped, but at the end of it all I felt so… rejuvenated. Sometimes a girl just needs a little distraction-free “me time” to recharge her batteries, you know?

The spoils of the day included a pair of Joe’s jeans scored at Goodwill for $10, Gap denim cut-offs scooped up for $3, four cute and comfy day dresses from Marshall’s, and a pair of LC Lauren Conrad polka dot jeggings spotted (pun intended?) on my last stop at Kohl’s  – all purchased under my February shopping budget of $100; huzzah.

{ Wearing: Romeo & Juliet Couture dress (Marshall’s sale, $20) and bag (Hautelook, $35); Hue purple tights; Daniel Wellington watch }

seein’ stars



IMG_8078 IMG_8126

Please pardon my mess of a top-knot. While I finally had a chance to wash my hair this morning {God bless my sweet husband’s heart for letting me sleep in and stroll in to work two hours late} I’m afraid I didn’t have the energy to do much else. I did manage to slap on some makeup and put on a clean pair of jeans, so two out of three ain’t bad.

My head is still spinning from last week. I snuck in a luxuriously long nap Sunday afternoon  – and several generously poured glasses of Merlot — but I haven’t completely recovered from the holiday. Maybe I have a rare florist-attacking strain of lovesickness? Symptoms include extreme fatigue, aversion to glittery hearts and red roses, body aches, memory loss, and reckless consumption of leftover Valentine’s Day chocolate. Any other flower veterans that can confirm this self-diagnosis?

{ Wearing: Target sweater; thrifted denim button-down; Gap jeans; JCrew espadrilles; Romeo & Juliet Couture handbag via Hautelook }

keeping it together, part II: my work bag


Remember my first Keeping It Together post back in March? Several of you asked for more details about my daily organization and favorite tools, so here I am — just a short nine months later — spilling the contents of my work bag!


If you were to catch me traveling to or from work on a typical day, you may expect that I’m headed to the airport or somewhere similarly exciting by the sheer magnitude of luggage I tote back and forth. Handbag, camera bag, and workbag – always. Sometimes a lunchbox, when I’m on one of those “eating healthy and saving money” kicks. Maybe a jacket, or on rare occasions a bag or two from some errand pitstop I made on the way.

Let me paint you a picture: Tiny 5’4″ lady with lotsa hair struggling across the parking lot with up to six bags balanced precariously on her shoulders and elbows as she’s pulled by an excited 75-lb Goldendoodle that is literally as big as she is, dropping things and muttering expletives along the way while trying to steer said dog toward the front door. This is why I can’t wear heels or wedges to work; I wouldn’t even make it inside.

Why subject myself to such graceless schlepping day after day? Because without all that gear, I’d be a mess. Let’s delve into the depths of the Billabong tote bag that currently serves as my mobile office. {We’ll go through the camera bag and handbag some other time.}


Finding the perfect carry-all can be tough, and I’ve gone through several in the last year. A few candidates couldn’t handle the weight of so much responsibility and their straps eventually succumbed to the pressure (once in the parking lot on the way to my car, when in an uncharacteristically coordinated act of valor I managed to catch the bag before my Macbook shattered on the concrete). The ideal bag has sturdy construction, isn’t too heavy — I love a studded leather situation as much as the next girl, but if it weighs 5 ell-bees empty, she’s out — and be cute {duh}. The current iteration is by Billabong, and I scooped it up at m.marie back in November. You can find new spring styles on Billabong’s site.


My work bag carries all the stuff I need to well, work from anywhere — for both the flower shop and the blog. My daily essentials are a mix of old-school office supplies and modern techie tools, and just about everything is printed and colorful because work is more fun with cute provisions.

If I don’t write things down, I’m doomed to forget them. Even if I never look at the note again, just the simple act of writing it out helps commit it to memory. So I keep lots of notebooks around for jotting down to-do lists and scribbling out important details. I love Martha Stewart’s notebooks from Staples; they come in great colors and prints, and they’re college-ruled. And because everything is better color-coded, I keep a stash of bright pens and highlighters in a cosmetic bag. For me, it doesn’t get better than a big pack of assorted Paper Mates! {Letting my nerd flag fly in this post, ya’ll.}

Fortunately, I don’t have to handle a lot of paperwork — I leave all that fun stuff to the hubs — but I try to keep the small amount I am responsible for organized in pretty little file folders. Notes from bridal consultations, price sheets from suppliers, wedding orders, and other important docs all have a place in folders from Martha and M by Staples. Are you getting the impression that I can’t be controlled in an office supply store? Because it’s a problem.


Now let’s talk about my technology dependence.

My Macbook Pro is my sister from another mister, and without her I’d be a stone cold disaster. My in-laws bought her for me when I started working at the flower shop a few years ago, and we’ve built a beautiful bond over hours of photo-editing, writing, inbox wrangling, and web surfing. I haven’t named her or anything, but I’m pretty crazy about her.

I’ve had my eye on a Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet for a while. Elsie uses hers to add handwriting to her blog, A Beautiful Mess, and Linda creates all of her adorable Little Tin Soldier illustrations on one! When my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas back in the fall, I told her about it. I was so excited to open it on Christmas Eve, because I’d honestly kind of forgotten I asked for it! {Thanks for remembering, Mom!} It’s lightweight and portable, and now it goes with me everywhere.


My final favorite gadget — and a recent addition to my work bag — is my new HTC One X+. I’m partnering with HTC as part of #TroopOneX to capture all my crazy moments on the new Android smartphone and share them with all of you over the next six weeks. More to come on that later (including a big major perk for you, dear readers!) but for now let me just say that I’m in love with this smartphone. It’s the perfect pocket-sized partner in crime for someone who loves pursuing creative interests but has to handle business, too. Like moi.

So there you have it! The only thing missing is a little stack of floral trade magazines that I tote around in the hopes that I’ll catch a spare minute or two to leaf through them for ideas.

What are your favorite organizational tools of the trade?