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30 for 30: Heat Wave

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IMG_2003 Untitled-1


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{“can you see the lint all over my dress?!“}

Good lawd, it’s a scorcher. I know I don’t have to tell you; half of the country is in the same sweaty boat. And has anyone noticed that the heat seems to be making everyone extra cranky? I’ve had more uncomfortable confrontations in the last two days than I’ve had in the last two years, and I’ve officially reached my limit of nastiness. Unfortunately it’s way too hot to hug it out, so maybe I’ll bake a batch of cupcakes and bring them with me everywhere to disarm volatile situations with overheated crabby people.

30 for 30: The Beginning of the End

MNG by Mango tank (c/o jcpenney) | INC cropped denim jacket | vintage skirt | Madden Girl sandals


We’re nearing the end of this little 3o for 30 adventure. I have just a few days left “in real life,” even though I didn’t get to post all of my outfits. Some were less exciting than others {like the Saturday I wore this top with these shorts and my denim flats} but every outfit counts, right? I think we all know the moral of the story by now.

I’ll post 30 for 30 looks for the rest of this week, and then it’s time to close the chapter on this remix. It’s been a good ride!