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Hi there! I’m Keira Lennox. I’m a small town girl from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, iced tea, comfort food, and deep discounts. I live miles and miles from the nearest H&M, I don’t read Vogue, and I can’t tell you who’s sitting front row during Fashion Week; but I really love clothes. Especially when I can find them on sale.

I started A Pretty Penny in the spring of 2010, after I stumbled upon the world fashion blogging and fell head-over-heels. I wanted to create a little space of my own, to share my take on real-life style on a real-life budget.

Shortly after launching the blog, my husband, Chad, and I made the life-changing decision to leave our corporate jobs and take the reigns of the family business: a busy little flower shop. We didn’t know the first thing about flowers or small business ownership; but with a lot of faith, patience, and elbow grease, we’re making it work one day at a time.

These days, you’ll still find the style and beauty posts of yore; but they’re peppered with snippets of our blooming business, the occasional easy-to-follow DIY project, stories about my life, and glimpses into my kitchen.

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