pizza in the park and other current events

{ a sweet lunch date in the sun with C this afternoon }

In Lennox news of late:

{Or, in other words, why I’m off my blogging game.}

After a particularly wretched July that left our bodies battered and our entrepreneurial confidence a little shaken, August tossed us all kinds of fresh starts!

We booked weddings for every weekend this month, welcomed a handful of new clients to the roster, and lined up several events for next season. Sometimes it seems like we’re on a feast-or-famine roller coaster in this business, and we’re still learning how to navigate the highs and lows without losing our marbles.

Speaking of crazy, I lost my right-hand man last week. After two+ years of running our small business side-by-side, I turned C over to an amazing — and unexpected! —  career opportunity in commercial real estate. Happily, his new office is downtown near the shop, so daily lunches and carpools help take the sting out of my separation anxiety. Who knew I’d miss his mug so much?! At least I still have Doak.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about managing the flower shop on my own. With C out of the picture five days a week, there’s no security net for oversleeping, iced tea emergencies, or terrifying bug encounters! Seriously though, he did half of the Big Important Boss Stuff, so it’s going to be a major change. I’m still sorting through all the details, while filling notebooks and Wunderlist with new to-do lists and schedules.

Part of said sorting includes figuring out what’s next for this blog. More responsibility in my day job means less time for my fun job, so I’m working on a plan to balance it all. But balance it I will. More on that later.