never say never: 20 things I never thought I’d do before the end of my 20’s





{tee: derek heart (Beall’s Outlet, $4.99); pleather shorts: LC Lauren Conrad (Kohl’s cash); wedges: Juicy Couture (a pretty penny); clutch: Michael Kors; charm bracelet c/o Cutey}

1. Drive a {business} minivan.

2. Program the Sirius Sinatra channel into my car presets.

3. Prefer flats to heels.

4. Find gray eyebrow hairs.

5. Love my husband more than the day I married him.

6. Be able to live without a tan.

7. Enjoy shopping in thrift stores.

8. Regret quitting orchestra my senior year because I thought it was nerdy.

9. Turn into a decent cook.

10. Hate horror flicks.

11. Roll my eyes at underage kids in bars.

12. Appreciate a budget.

13. Be concerned about things like fiber and preservatives.

14. Not define myself by a job title or position.

15. Feel most comfortable in the least amount of makeup.

16. Admit that my mom did, in fact, always know best.

17. Feel old watching The Real World.

18. Believe that making the bed is essential to having a good day.

19. Love a good leopard print.

20. Wear shorts to work on a Wednesday. Especially pleather ones.


  1. And you look great wearing the shorts! I love your outfits and your specs – fantastic!


  2. I love this list. What does it say about me that I’m gonna turn 28 next month and already feel all of them. Except the minivan. I think I’ll stick that one out for when I finally give in to some kiddos.

    A Refreshed Take Off


    1. It says it makes me feel better about my list! Ha! ;-) My minivan thing really blows my mind.


    2. Oh, and I’ll be turning 28 this year, too.


  3. Love the wedges and although I am only 24 I can attest to 16 out of 20 which means that by the time my 20s are over I’ll be 20 for 20 :D


  4. I agree 100% with more of those points than I’d like to admit. {Whatever happened to Eric and Julie Season 1??}

    Those shorts. Exactly something I’ve been yearning for. Love this head to toe.


  5. Amy

    Great post! I love 16 – my mom was right about regretting the tattoo I got when I was 18, but I’ll never tell her :-)


    1. Your secret’s safe with me ;-)


  6. Erika

    Thanks for admitting to finding grey hairs before you’re 30. I found some too, and I felt like the only one!


  7. This is a great list and I can relate to it very well. When I was younger my grandmother used to tell me to be a lawyer. I said that sounded really boring. Now I’m 30 and work in the law field. Go figure. I love your shorts. In fact, it was YOU that inspired me to buy them. I wore them very recently, in fact, on Monday and did a post. Thanks!


  8. Great list! I’m only 28 and have already found many gray hairs. It feels much too soon!


  9. teeutas

    omg you are so beautiful !♥♥


  10. lovely lovely post, you look stunning!!


  11. Love this! I just turned 28 (yesterday!), and I feel like I should write my own – good reminder to notice/appreciate the growth and maturity and change that comes with getting older when I’m feeling a little iffy about that new 28 number… (And my mom will love hearing that I now believe she was always right – especially as one of her favorite phrases to use on us was always “never say never”.)


  12. Awe, I love this list! I’m 25, and you’re making me want to create a “Things To Do Before The End Of My 20s” List. Them, of course, I’ll do one of these once I turn 30 :)

    Also, that hi-lo top looks fab on you!



  13. Amy

    great post


  14. Great post my dear. All so true and I find myself agreeing with many.


  15. […] from A Pretty Penny shares a cute outfit and the 20 things she never thought she’d do before the end of her […]


  16. Kayla

    This year (my 27th) is officially the year of “never say never”…..I feel like I’ve learned the most about myself in the past 2-3 years. Currently training for a 1/2 marathon. I’m pretty sure that once in my life I said I would never run over a mile.
    Also, I do prefer flats to heels. They just make my aging feet feel so good!!!


  17. #17, word. up. sister. I’m turning 30 this year, and am *not* really sad to say good bye to my 20’s yet. Although I hear it makes online dating a little tougher ;)

    Also: I love (lovelove!) this look. Those shorts are fab! Tried to snag a pair myself, but they’re sold out online.


  18. […] The first post I actually ran across a couple days ago, and it got me thinking about my own life.  I made a mental note to do a take on her list, doing a “30 things I didn’t think I’d do before I turned 30″, but the idea fizzled… …until today.  During a Pinterest spree, I came across this Huffington Post article and thought it would tie in quite well with the A Pretty Penny post.  So, without further adieu (ado?  I’ve become a little self-conscious about which spelling is correct.  Anyone know?  I know I could look it up on Google, but I’m feeling lazy today.)  And because of course checklists, I will proceed to disclose whether or not I’ve accomplished the things on the Huff Post article, along with personal stories.  Because I can.  […]


  19. […] For the first time in my life, I’ve wrapped my head around the importance of financial responsibility, and made some great progress paying off my debt and getting a handle on a budget. Does this mean I’m officially a grown-up? […]


  20. […] Today, in lessons of thou shall never say never: […]


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